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High-Quality ARGON CO2 GAS MIG TIG Flow Meter - Precision Welding Regulator Gauge

High-Quality ARGON CO2 GAS MIG TIG Flow Meter - Precision Welding Regulator Gauge

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Achieve Welding Precision: The High-Quality ARGON CO2 GAS MIG TIG Flow Meter is your essential tool for precise welding. Calibrated for argon, helium, and carbon dioxide gases, this regulator ensures accurate gas flow for exceptional welding results.

        More about the product:

        This 2-inch pressure gauge provides clear and easy readings. The flowmeter is back-pressure compensated to maintain accuracy even with line restrictions. Its impact-resistant polycarbonate flow tube and outer cover guarantee durability. The external safety pressure relief design enhances safety during use.

        With a size of 15x14cm, this regulator offers a measurement range of 0~25 (MPa) and is suitable for applications with a medium of 15MPA. The rated outlet pressure is 0.25 (MPa), and the rated flow ranges from 0 to 25 (m3/h). The single-stage structure ensures reliability. It can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C.

        Elevate your welding precision with the High-Quality ARGON CO2 GAS MIG TIG Flow Meter. Order now for exceptional welding results.

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        📌Coupling Type: Male BSPP Thread
        📌DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
        📌Brand Name: MiLESEEY

        Key Features

        📌Calibrated for Argon, Helium, and Carbon Dioxide gases.
        📌2-inch pressure gauge for easy reading.
        📌Back-pressure compensation for accurate readings.
        📌Impact-resistant polycarbonate construction.
        📌External safety pressure relief design.
        📌Suitable for a range of gas mediums.
        📌Operates in ambient temperatures from 0°C to 40°C.

        Package Content

        1x AR Argon Gas Pressure Regulator


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