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MB15 Mig Welding Torch Consumables Accessories – Set of 10 Nozzles for MIG Welding Machine

MB15 Mig Welding Torch Consumables Accessories – Set of 10 Nozzles for MIG Welding Machine

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Elevate Your Welding Game: Improve your MIG welding performance with this kit of 10 high-quality MB15 MIG Welding Nozzles – essential consumables for your MIG torch. Made to last, these nozzles ensure durability and superior results.

For Replacing Worn Tips: Is it time to replace the worn tips on your MIG torch? Look no further – this consumables kit is here to the rescue.

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        These consumables are made to last and will replace worn MIG torch tips effectively. The set is designed for standard 14AK and 15AK torches, offering a perfect fit for these models.

        Each nozzle is made from durable materials like copper and chrome zirconium copper, ensuring long-lasting use. With a contact aperture of 0.8mm, these nozzles are perfect for your MIG welding needs. Whether you're a professional or a welding enthusiast, this consumables kit is a valuable addition to your welding accessories.

        Enhance your MIG welding performance – order this high-quality kit of 10 MB15 MIG Welding Nozzles today.

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        📌Condition: 100% Brand New
        📌Material: Copper/Chrome Zirconium Copper
        📌Model: MB15 (standard for 14AK and 15AK torches)
        📌Contact Aperture: 0.8mm
        📌Quantity: 10 Nozzles/Set


        Please be aware that actual product color may vary slightly due to monitor brightness and lighting. Additionally, minor manual measurement deviations may occur.

        Package Contents

        Receive 10 nozzles in one set, ready to enhance your welding experience.


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