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ZX7-315DT Dual Voltage MMA Welder - IGBT DC Inverter Arc Welding Machine

ZX7-315DT Dual Voltage MMA Welder - IGBT DC Inverter Arc Welding Machine

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  • Dual Voltage Compatibility: Supports both AC220V and AC380V inputs for versatile use.
  • IGBT Inverter Technology: High efficiency and energy savings for reliable welding.
  • Voltage Identification: Accurately identifies AC220V/AC380V input voltage for user convenience.
  • Strong Voltage Fluctuation Resistance: Equipped with 8 high-power electrolytic capacitors, ideal for generator power supply.
  • Stable Output: Large socket design ensures stable output current and reliability.
  • Digital Display: User-friendly digital display meter for intuitive welding parameter control.
  • Field and Indoor Use: Suitable for various welding applications, both in the field and indoors.

More about the product

Experience versatile and efficient welding with the ZX7-315DT Dual Voltage MMA Welder. This welding machine is packed with features that make your welding tasks more convenient and reliable.

One of the standout features of this welder is its dual voltage compatibility. It supports both AC220V and AC380V inputs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working on DIY welding projects or electrical work, this welder has got you covered.

The IGBT inverter technology used in this machine ensures high efficiency and energy savings. This means you can rely on consistent and stable welding performance while also reducing energy consumption.

The voltage identification circuit is both reliable and accurate, allowing the welder to identify whether it's connected to an AC220V or AC380V power source. This feature eliminates any guesswork and ensures you're using the correct voltage.

To handle voltage fluctuations, the ZX7-315DT is equipped with 8 high-power electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors provide the welder with a strong ability to resist grid voltage fluctuations, making it suitable for use with generator power supplies.

The large socket design of the output ensures stable output current and high reliability, giving you peace of mind during your welding tasks. You can easily monitor and control welding parameters with the user-friendly digital display meter.

This welder is suitable for a variety of welding applications, whether you're working in the field or indoors. It's designed to be versatile and dependable, making it a valuable addition to your welding equipment.

The packing list includes the ZX7-315DT welder, an electrode holder, and a ground clamp. This product provides you with the necessary tools for efficient and effective welding.

Elevate your welding projects with the powerful ZX7-315DT welder for consistent welding quality and smooth arc starts. Order now to experience welding excellence.

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✔️Power supply voltage: AC220V±15% / AC380V±15%
✔️No-load voltage: 62V/60V
✔️Input power: 5.8KVA/8.1KVA
✔️Output current adjustment range: 35A-170A/35A-220A
✔️Load duration: 60
✔️Efficiency: 0.85
✔️Power factor: 0.75
✔️Insulation class: F


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Package Content

1X ZX7-315DT
1X Electrode holder
1X ground clamp

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We care about the safety of our customers based on overcurrent/overvoltage/overcurrent/overload/overheat protection functions.

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