About Our Company

Our company is a team dedicated to welding and welding equipment. Our mission is to make welding accessible and safe for everyone, whether you're an experienced professional or a novice welder.

First, there was the road, then - the choice of welding equipment

Our company's history is a story of breaking boundaries and expanding horizons. We began our journey by servicing enterprises in different parts of the world. From the heart of Europe to the distant shores of America, the path was paved with work that demanded precision and skill. Welding became more than a profession - it was a way of life.

Repeatedly, upon arrival at a new site, to complete the assigned tasks, it was more rational to buy an inexpensive but reliable welding machine, which can then be left until the next call at the enterprise or handed over to colleagues in the workshop for use. Over the years of service work, we have accumulated vast experience in the competent selection of reliable and affordable welding equipment.

Today, we proudly offer you products from HZXVOGEN and HITBOX

Time-tested welding machines will satisfy the needs of both professionals and those who are just starting their journey in the field of welding.

We believe that welding is an art accessible to all. HZXVOGEN and HITBOX make this art more accessible than ever. Our welding machines represent reliability, affordability, and quality, helping you achieve your welding goals.

By choosing us, you're not just getting equipment - you're gaining a reliable partner who will support you at every stage of your welding journey. We are confident that with us, your path into the world of welding will be exciting and successful.