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HZXVOGEN 1.0mm 1KG Mig Wire - Your Key to Effortless Welding

HZXVOGEN 1.0mm 1KG Mig Wire - Your Key to Effortless Welding

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Unlock Your Welding Potential: Step up your welding game with the HZXVOGEN 1.0mm 1KG Mig Wire. Perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Flawless Bead Formation: Experience welding perfection with this self-shielded flux-cored wire. It delivers remarkable arc stability and ensures an impeccable bead shape during vertical and overhead welding.

Tackle the elements: Weld in various conditions – even with wind speeds up to 10 m/s—and still achieve impeccable results. Say goodbye to defects and hello to outstanding welded joints.

Versatile Welding Power: This wire is your go-to for lightweight steel frames, agricultural machinery, butt welding, fillet welding, and lap welding. Suitable for welding materials with a thickness of 1.0mm to 4.5mm

        Please Note:

        To make the most of this welding wire, ensure your workpiece is clean from water, oil, and rust.

        Use DC (-) for welding current and maintain an extension length of 10–20 mm.

        Keep the humidity in the storage area below 60% to ensure optimal performance.

        The storage time of non-vacuum packaging welding wire should not exceed half a year, and the storage time of vacuum packaging welding wire should not exceed one year.

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        📌Gasless Flux Core Wire AWS E71T-GS


        Size: 1.0mm
        Weight: 1kg

        Package Contents

        1 roll of Flux Cored Wire (1KG)

        Don't worry about the slight weight change due to an upgraded shaft core – the welding wire's weight remains consistent for your convenience.


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