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HITBOX ARC 160D Welder - 160A MMA Welding Machine with Lift TIG

HITBOX ARC 160D Welder - 160A MMA Welding Machine with Lift TIG

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  • Versatile Welding Power: Reach up to 160A for a wide range of welding applications, compatible with φ4.0 welding rods.
  • Seamless Arc Starts: Experience effortless arc initiation with a non-load voltage of 78V.
  • Consistent Welding Performance: Maintain a stable welding arc, even when working at varying distances from your project.
  • Anti-Stick Technology: Equipped with an IGBT inverter and radiator for anti-stick performance.
  • Dual Voltage Flexibility: Use this welder with both 100V and 200V inputs, providing adaptability to different power sources.
  • Peace of Mind: Your purchase is backed by a one-year warranty, ensuring reliable support and quality assurance.

More about the product

The HITBOX ARC 160D Welder is an efficient and versatile welding tool that can handle a variety of tasks with its powerful 160A output. It is compatible with φ4.0 welding rods and even alkaline rods, providing flexibility in your welding choices.

One of the standout features of this welder is its seamless arc initiation. With a non-load voltage of 78V, starting your welds is a smooth and hassle-free process, saving you time and frustration.

Maintaining a consistent welding performance is vital for achieving high-quality results. This welder's arc remains stable even when you're working at varying distances from your welding project, eliminating inconsistencies in your welds.

The HITBOX ARC 160D Welder is equipped with advanced anti-stick technology to enhance your overall welding experience. The IGBT inverter and radiator work together to prevent electrode sticking, ensuring a seamless and interference-free welding process.

This welder offers dual voltage compatibility, automatically switching between 100V and 200V inputs as required. This feature provides adaptability to different power sources, making it suitable for various work environments.

You can buy with confidence as your purchase is safeguarded by a one-year warranty. Should you encounter any issues with your welder, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Discover the convenience and reliability of the HITBOX ARC 160D Welder. With its impressive features and quality assurance, it's the perfect companion for your welding projects. Order now and experience a new level of welding performance.

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✔️Brand: HITBOX
✔️Model: ARC 160D
✔️Inverter Technology: IGBT
✔️Input Voltage: AC120V±15%, AC240V±15%
✔️Efficiency: 85%
✔️Power Factor: 0.7
✔️Frequency: 50/60Hz
✔️Rated Duty Cycle: 20%
✔️No-Load Voltage: 85V
✔️Rated Input Power: 5/7.1
✔️Welding Current Range: 20-160A

Equipment Features

New generation arc welder:
• Both 100 V and 200 V can be used with either type of input.
• 160 A large current, compatible with alkaline welding rods. • Extending the welding cable to 50 meters, the current will not be attenuated.
• Compatible with φ4.0 welding rods.
• The main unit is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around and work outdoors.

Recommendations for choosing welding electrodes

Use approximately twice as thick as the diameter of the welding rod.

Example: When using a 0.08 inch (2.0 mm) diameter welding rod for iron, the welding plate thickness is 0.08 - 0.16 inch (2.0 - 4.0 mm).

Depending on the power status, posture, and material.

Package Includes

Item 1:
1 x ARC 160D Welder
1 x Earth Clamp
1 x Electrode Holder

Item 2:
1 x ARC 160D Welder
1 x Earth Clamp
1 x Electrode Holder
1 x 17V Tig Torch (optional for Lift TIG)

Delivery, Product warranty and Returns

Free delivery within 12 days

30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. Before leaving the ARCCAPTAIN factory, each welding machine has undergone various authoritative laboratory tests simulating extremely harsh conditions and meets high standards.

We care about the safety of our customers based on overcurrent/overvoltage/overcurrent/overload/overheat protection functions.

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