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HZXVOGEN HBT2000P Cold TIG Welding Machine - 200A Pulse Precision Welder

HZXVOGEN HBT2000P Cold TIG Welding Machine - 200A Pulse Precision Welder

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  • Advanced Pulse Technology: Master precision welding with the HBT2000P Cold TIG Welding Machine.
  • Ultra-Thin Plate Welding: Pulse function enables welding of 0.5mm ultra-thin plates without base material deformation.
  • Versatile ARC Functions: Explore a range of ARC functions, including quick spot welding and hot arc ignition for rapid welding.
  • Cold Tig and Remote Control: Choose between 2T and 4T modes for Cold Tig, and remotely control current and gas for enhanced efficiency.
  • Auto Standby: The machine enters standby mode after three minutes of no-load time, conserving power.

More about the product

If you're looking for a welding machine that delivers exceptional results, look no further than the HZXVOGEN HBT2000P Cold TIG Welding Machine. This piece of technology is a true game-changer that allows you to experience precision welding like never before.

One of the standout features of this welding machine is its advanced pulse technology. With this feature, you can master precision welding with ease, even on ultra-thin plates that are as thin as 0.5mm. Thanks to the pulse function, you can achieve flawless welds on delicate projects with confidence, without any deformation of the base material.

The HBT2000P also offers a range of ARC functions, including quick spot welding and the ability to set spot welding time. The hot arc ignition feature ensures the welding machine ignites quickly, saving you time and enhancing your overall welding experience.

When it comes to Cold Tig welding, the HBT2000P is a true performer. It offers both 2T and 4T modes for Cold Tig welding, making it versatile for different welding needs. Additionally, the digital welding torch allows remote control of the current and gas supply, boosting your welding efficiency and control.

Finally, if you're concerned about power consumption, the HBT2000P has you covered. It automatically enters standby mode if no-load time exceeds three minutes, helping you conserve energy without any effort.

In summary, the HZXVOGEN HBT2000P Cold TIG Welding Machine is the ideal choice for welders seeking perfection in every weld. Its advanced features, precise pulse technology, versatile ARC functions, and energy-efficient design make it a top-of-the-line welding machine that will elevate your welding projects to new heights. Order now and experience precision welding at its finest!

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✔️Model: HBT2000P Cold Welding
✔️Inverter Technology: IGBT
✔️Input Voltage: 220V
✔️No-Load Voltage: DC62
✔️Arc Force Current Range: 10-200A
✔️Arc Ignition Current Range: 20-200A
✔️Duty Cycle: 90%
✔️No-Load Loss: 40W
✔️Arcing Way: HF (High-Frequency)
✔️Efficiency: 80%
✔️Power Factor: 0.73
✔️Insulation Grade: H
✔️Housing Protection Grade: IP21
✔️Base Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, low-alloy steel
✔️Welding Process: DC TIG/ARC
✔️Welding Times (Cold Tig): 1-900ms
✔️Take Times-Cold Tig (Seconds): 0.1-10
✔️Pulse Frequency (Hz): 0.2-200


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Package Includes

1 x TIG Welder
1 x Digital Welding Tig Torch
1 x Earth Clamp
1 x Electrode Holder
1 x Gas Tube
2 x Tracheoclock
1 x Tungsten Needle

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